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Advanced RSI
Power Zones

  • Advanced Setups

    Build off the basic patterns learned in Four Zones with advanced variations for more reliable setups and less false positives so you can take more profits off the table each trade!

  • Advanced Patterns

    Add these advanced patterns to your basics toolbox to be able to capitalize off a greater variety of market action across uptrends, downtrends, and even sideways action!

  • Advanced Movement Thru the Power Zones

    Beyond the basics, blend Hima’s jedi twist on Price Floors and Ceilings together with the Movement of the RSI Power Zones to get an even earlier heads up on market turns!

  • Advanced Risk/Reward Payoffs

    Get my Full Throttle, Entry Stop and Exit approach to squeeze every last penny from every trade. Never before revealed at this granular level - the way I trade personally!

  • And much, much, more!


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