Futures Trading Lab 
3 Month Membership

  • 3 Months 6 Sessions to watch Hima trade the markets LIVE

  • Start 9:15 AM ET and 10:30 AM ET

    Full throttle entry, protective stop, and exit approach.
    Detailed explanations of WHY I’m taking the trade and how I’m managing it.

  • LIVE Q&A every session! & Market Reviews as needed

    Sometimes you just need a little input on your techniques or the Markets. Hima will answer your burning questions and upload the recordings of the sessions that you can review again and again.

  • BONUS: Hima's Futures Trading Plan  Value: Priceless

    Every trader needs a Trading Plan, but making one is not easy. Hima will share the Futures Trading Plan she'll be trading this Quarter as well as any updates made and why. NOTE: This is for training purposes only and not for your personal trading.

  • And much, much, more...


Since this is membership is provided LIVE there is no refund.


We respect your privacy, so your data will never be sold or disclosed.



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