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Here’s what you are getting:

  • Session 1: PRICE DRIVES

    How to understand and apply W.D. Gann's Trading Patterns to your own trading

  • Session 2: BUY SIGNALS

    How to recognize and apply clear signals from the first of Gann’s powerful list of buy and sell rules

  • Session 3: SELL SIGNALS

    How to actually set up and place trades like W.D. Gann (his actual way he personally traded)

  • Session 4: MAXIMIZE PROFIT

    How to trade the Gann patterns in a way that adjusts for your personal risk spectrum

  • BONUS: Monthly Group Coaching LIVE with Hima!

    Every month you’ll get to see exactly how I do analysis LIVE and even ask your questions with an open Q&A so you can model my methods and boost your trading that much faster.

  • BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Group

    The entire FOCUS is to help you maintain FOCUS and stay on track and IMPLEMENT what you learned.


“This is by far the best material on W.D. Gann, written by a practicing trader and technical analyst..Hima Reddy delivers a simple,direct,and very straight forward approach to Gann analysis. This is a necessary addition to a serious trader/technician's toolbox.”  - William A.

“I "never" thought I'd understand Gann as everything I'd heard seemed unintelligible, and as a consequence I didn't like Gann, but Hima Reddy did all the work and made Gann's trading rules eminently understandable with rules translated into concepts and fully annotated on the charts.”  -  Sir J.

“You could make a lifetime of studying Gann, Hima lays out the important works. Successful trading in the markets is about understanding the charts and what they are telling us. Where the entry and exit is, that is what matters in trading. Hima covers the Gann material and how to apply it.”  - Andrew H.