Do You Know The 5 Keys to Boost Your Trading?

Stop Beating Your Head Against the Wall and Become a More Consistent Trader in Less Time!

When I was a kid, there were some bedtime stories that my parents told me right out of the storybooks. And there were others that they crafted to my unique imaginary world.


One story involves sharks. And crayons. 


Yes, I had bad dreams about sharks swimming through the canal behind our house, stealing my crayons, and leaving. Not eating me, just stealing my crayons. So eventually my parents helped me by turning this into a story of Heem, a hero who managed to win her crayons back.


Why am I talking about sharks and crayons? 


Because, in your trading there are sharks and crayons of your own making and you may not even realize that they are there, sabotaging your trading.

The sharks are all of the things in life that you fear or cause you pain. 


They may have everything to do trading, or they may have nothing to do with trading, but they affect it just the same. Thinking back to my story, I grew up by the Atlantic Ocean in New York. There was zero reason for me to be afraid of sharks swimming in the canal behind my house. Yet I was. And that fear made me insecure.


The crayons represent all of the things you want in life!  


All of the things that you believe will make you happy and that’s why you get so afraid of losing your crayons! What we desire varies, but the fear of loss is universal.


So what happens when you trade? 


Your sharks and your crayons come to the front and center of your emotions. That’s going to happen whether your a terrible trader or a great trader. The

emotions are going to rise up and affect you.


The key to success is in having a method to deal with both of these so that the trader is calling the shots and not your emotions.


But first we have to address the myths of trading (the sharks!)…

#1 “This trading stuff doesn’t work. If it did, everybody would be rich!”
#2 “I should leave trading to the “professionals” because I don’t want to lose my crayons!”
#3 “Trading is complicated and you need to spend hours, days and even months to learn it.”
#4 “It’s expensive, and fees and commissions are like sharks eating up your profits”


You know what: All these “myths” are made up! You have been lied to!  By whom? 


By people who want you to believe that is is complicated so they prey on your fears.




So that they can keep selling you more courses, more systems, more indicators, …more stuff that doesn’t work!




Because when a trader has a bad day, they buy more stuff instead of fixing the underlying issues, so most people keep buying it!


These sharks don’t want you to succeed
Because the minute you do, you stop giving them money!
And that’s why hammer these myths that keep you in fear!


Are you getting this?
Do you now know WHY all their stuff doesn’t work?
And it’s not your fault. You’ve been lied to!


Gosh, I’m really getting all worked up about this… but the good news: 
After you learn what I’m sharing here, you won’t be at their mercy any more. 
YOU will be in control - not the sharks!


So, let’s talk about the 5 Keys to Boost Your Trading. 


We’re laying the foundation here and addressing the very underlying principles that ‘they’ don’t want you to know because then you would have the power.


Once you have these 5 Keys, everything else will come to you SO much more easily and your crayons will multiply!


Key #1: Find the Best Trade


Fundamental, right?
Now, how do we decide what the best trade will be?
Very simple, it’s the one that is in the direction of the market
So then the key to a successful trade is knowing the direction that market is moving in. 


In that case, what kind of trade are we looking for? 


We need a market that is moving in a clear direction in more than one time frame


It’s like the waves on the beach – the surfer doesn’t just want the little ripples, he wants to find the big wave and ride it, knowing that more big waves behind it will push him along.


Because when the market moves it generally keeps moving in that direction, and that’s exactly what we want.


So what kind of market are we looking for? We want to catch a stock EARLY in an up move. 




Well, I think Newton said it best: “An object that is in motion stays in motion.” 


You want to buy a market that has made a bottom, and is now on its way up again. Or you can buy a market that has been moving sideways and is now moving up again. 


Always keep in mind “The trend is your friend”


There are easy ways to find these kind of markets – ones that ARE starting to move up and have a high likelihood of continuing to move up. I personally use just one indicator to identify these setups.


Key #2: Confirm the Setup


Ok, back to the surfer. He sees a big wave coming, great – but he has to look behind it to see if the force is still coming behind it, or if the wave is going to be the last big one. 


This is what’s called momentum. 


And I have a really cool filter that uses momentum to decide which trades to take based on the direction of price we determined in Step 1. 


This filter is the RSI. But the settings on it are completely custom and revamped, supercharging your ability to filter out situations in which buying or selling have maxed out. 


It’s really simple. 


In a price uptrend, you simply want to buy when the RSI is in the buying zones.
And in a downtrend, you simply want to sell when the RSI is in the selling zones.


I know, I know: You think it’s too simple, don’t you?


Let me tell you this straight: When you master simplicity, you earn complexity.


Master the concepts you’re about to learn, and then you can make it more complicated with actual setups occurring on the RSI itself, just like they do on price.


Write this down: Master simplicity, and THEN you earn complexity.

Because now we are ready to...


Key #3: Enter the Trade


Now that you have the best trade based on price direction, and you have confirmed it with momentum, now when do you enter the trade?  


This is where that whole other axis on any stock chart comes in - TIME!


First you want to locate the most recent lows in price. 
This is assuming you are buying in an uptrend.


Next, you want to measure the cycle. Find the high in between those two lows, and using a simple drawing tool you will measure the size and length of that cycle.


Lastly, you bind the trend. You confine the price action in a very objective way that has clear cut rules for when the breakout occurs that tells you “hey, it’s time to enter this market!”


Trading against the prevailing trend, or trading without considering the momentum cycles within a trend, is like burning money!


Is this making sense?

Are you getting this?
Good, then let’s move on to...


Key #4: Manage the Trade


Now that you are in a trade, the key question is how do you manage it? 


Even a monkey can enter the market. But money is MADE when you exit the market!


So, we take the cycle that we measured, and we project that cycle out from the existing price action. 


That’s right, now you are doing something called forecasting – calling when a particular market will hit a certain price. 




This is one of the greatest tools my father and I learned from our trading mentors. 


This approach is what allows you to keep your profits in a winning trade (more crayons!), or minimize your losses on a trade (beat it, sharks!). And that’s what we refer to as trade management.


Let me clear, if you are not using clear, scientific trade management, you are not trading, you are gambling!  

Was that crystal clear? The difference between a real trader and a gambler is trade management, so this step is fundamental to good trading!


By now you should know that I’m going to tell it to you like it is!
Making sense? 
Ok, then let’s move on to Step #5


Key #5: Maximize Your Profits


Making profits when everything is going your way is easy. 


How would you like to WIN even if you miss your target? 


Sound too good to be true? I’ll prove you can do it now...


Go back to your forecast, that line you set out from existing price action. 


Now, think of your local weatherman. 


When he says it’s going to be a sunny day, it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t rain, right? 


So on a mixed forecast day you might keep your umbrella handy, just in case. 


Well, there is an umbrella, a protectant, that you can use for the times that the trade doesn’t meet your projected target. 


And the best part is that you can still WIN on the trade even with this target miss. 


But don’t get me wrong - while I’m talking about the possibility of missing the target, the expectation is that we will hit the target. 


And the target will be crystal clear!


You will literally see time and price together into a singular point, to keep your profits in a winning trade (crayons galore!), or minimize your losses on a trade (not this time, sharks!).


Easy enough, isn’t it?
Are you getting this?


There are only 5 Fundamental Keys to Boost Your Trading


These 5 Keys help you to extract profits consistently from any market on any time frame.


But now that you have the keys, how to you apply them successfully to your own, personal trading style with your size trading account, your risk tolerances and market preferences?


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